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<STRONG>Now EVERY SUNDAY, a new 2 hour show </STRONG>but still hosted by Phoebe. Check it out from 10:00am.

<STRONG>Saturday afternoons 5pm<BR></STRONG>Clarke counts down all the best songs of the week and gives stuff away, oh and sometimes takes a request or two.

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Where's Slim Shady?

Go see EMINEM and PAPA ROACH at the Anger Management Tour in LA with Channel Z.

Channel Z are hiding 15 Slim Shady look-alikes around Auckland City on Tuesday August 13th. There will be a winner from Auckland, Wellington and Chch to participate in finding the most Slim Shadys.

Each winner will be allocated a Channel Z Announcer and sent out to track down the infamous blondes.

The first back at Channel Z with the most SLIM SHADY look-alikes will then be flown to Los Angeles to attend the Anger Management Tour with Eminem and Papa Roach on August the 16th.

To get in the draw to participate in the hunt just listen to Channel Z. Everybody who registers on air will win a copy of either THE EMINEM SHOW or Papa Roach's LOVEHATETRAGEDY.

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